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What Is the GM Diet? Is It Good for Weight Loss?

If you have a health goal of losing weight, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. When you’re at the beginning of a weight loss journey, it can feel like you have so far to go and it will take forever to reach your goal weight. This can lead to the mindset of wanting to lose as many pounds per week as possible—even if it means adopting some unusual habits.

The desire for losing a lot of weight super quickly is what propelled the GM diet into popularity in the 1980s. According to a website devoted to the eating plan, the GM diet centers around the idea of burning more calories than you eat. But it isn’t that simple. To reach this goal, the eating plan calls for some unusual practices, such as eating only fruit one day and then only vegetables the next. This extreme way of eating is rumored to lead to losing as much as 17 pounds a week.

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