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What To Do (& What Not To Do) When Your Toddler Falls

When you have a toddler, you can always feel like you are on the move. You are constantly getting up, and chasing your toddler off to wherever they want to go next. This is true in the home and outside. What starts off as a nice walk to the park, turns into a decathlon, as you are chasing them away from the road, and the big dog who won’t stop barking.

When mom sees her toddler running, it can be adorable, but she is certain of one thing. That toddler is going to fall. Toddlers are prone to falling and ending up with bumps and bruises, and sometimes mom is not even sure where they came from.


It is impossible to prevent your toddler from ever falling, so mom has to be prepared for what she needs to do when this happens, and what she has to avoid. This information can be useful for anyone who is going to be around a toddler.

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It is important to look at why toddlers fall so much, and what mom should and should not do when it happens. It can help keep your toddler calm and make sure they are not seriously injured.

Why Do Toddlers Fall So Much?

Mom may have stopped to realize that toddlers seem to fall fairly often, and she may be wondering why that is. Are they just clumsy? Is this a normal stage of development? Or, should they be concerned about some mobility issues? The good news is that toddlers falling is likely nothing to be worried about, as it is common.

According to VEIPD, the average 2-year-old falls 38 times a day. That seems like a lot, but if we stop to think about how many times they trip, stumble or take a fall it seems pretty realistic. That is because toddlers are still learning how to balance, build strength in their legs, and find the right rhythm for being a walker. They are learning how to coordinate their movements.

We have to remember that a 2-year-old has only been walking for a year, or less, and it takes some time to learn this skill.

What Mom Has To Do

It is always scary when we see our toddler fall, and we don’t ever want them to be hurt, so there are some things that mom should do when she sees their toddler take a fall, especially one that looked pretty significant.

According to Health Partners, the most important thing to do is stay calm (more on this a bit later), and assess the situation. She should check her toddler for any serious injury right off the bat. Is her toddler bleeding? Are there any obvious signs of trauma – like a leg bent out of shape? These are the first things that mom wants to look for.

Chances are, your toddler is crying, but that doesn’t always mean that they are seriously hurt. They could have been scared from the fall, or they could have been wanting more comfort from mom. If there are injured areas, a cut, scrape or a bump is starting to form, mom wants to place some ice on the area.

Mom should also be keeping an eye on them throughout the day, especially if they hit their head. If they hit their head, but they appear to be fine, mom should just keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t have any signs of a concussion.

What Mom Should Not Do

We have gone over what mom should do when a toddler falls, and now we need to go over what mom should not do. A serious injury is likely to be noticed almost immediately, and the good news is that a toddler’s fall rarely leads to a serious injury. It is more likely to result in scraped knees, and that is because they have great reflexes and are usually able to catch themselves as they fall.

According to Zero To Five, the worst thing mom can do is not remain calm. If you are anxious, frantic, and run immediately to your child, they are going to pick up on that and make them more scared. If you stay calm and watch the tone of your voice, your toddler is likely to calm down a lot easier.

However, you also don’t want to immediately brush it off, whether he got hurt or just scared, it is important to validate those feelings he had. Tell him that it was scary, but that they are OK now.

The other thing mom doesn’t want to do is stop him from doing it again. If your toddler fell while running, don’t tell him to stop running. He is learning, and this is good for him.

Sources: VEIPD, Health Partners, Zero To Five

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