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WhatClinic Interview: Hair Transplant in Athens, Greece | Seneca Medical Group

In this interview, Nikolas from meets with Dr Hala Ibrahim Elgmati and Charles Hamilton from Seneca Medical Group, a popular Hair Transplant clinic in Greece. Together, they discuss Hair Transplant tourism in Greece and what are the advantages that Seneca clinic offers.

👉 Watch the video to find out what are the side effects of a hair transplant and how many days should a foreign patient stay in Greece. You will also get important tips, from Dr Hala Ibrahim Elgmati, on what are the most efficient hair transplant techniques!

🔵 List of Subjects 🔵

0:00 Introduction
1:30 Introduction of Seneca Hair Transplant Clinic.
2:49 Seneca Clinic’s advantages.
3:56 Who performs the hair transplant?
4:48 From which countries are patients coming from?
5:20 How do international patients find Seneca?
6:08 Is Hair Transplant a permanent hair loss solution?
6:57 What are the most efficient hair transplant techniques?
8:52 How many days should a foreign patient stay in Greece?
9:22 Is the whole transplantation treatment done in one day?
10:53 Do the packages that you offer include accommodation?
12:00 Side effects of a hair transplant and when they may appear?
13:37 How long may it take to see the full results of the transplant?
14:45 Is it necessary to shave your hair to have a hair transplant?
16:13 Can the transplanted hair turn grey?
16:51 Are the new hair sensitive? Should my barber be careful?
17:49 Should I use finasteride before or after the procedure?
18:57 Is smoking and drinking alcohol affecting the results?
21:46 What is the procedure Seneca is following?
27:08 What a guarantee means in hair transplant?
27:51 Conclusion

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◾️ Nikolas Dimopoulos
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