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When Will We Have A Cancer Vaccine | UW Medicine Advancement

When Will We Have A Cancer Vaccine | UW Medicine Advancement

Cancer immunology expert reveals the promising new understanding that may lead to a vaccine to prevent cancer in this decade.

In a conversation with UW Medicine oncologist Dr. Shaveta Vinayak, Dr. Nora Disis, associate dean of translational science at the University of Washington and the director of the Cancer Vaccine Institute explains how the increased understanding of the genetic and behavioral risks associated with cancer has accelerated vaccine development. This knowledge is allowing cancer researchers to precisely recruit high risk patients for clinical trials to accurately determine if a vaccine is truly effective in preventing the development of cancer.

The Cancer Vaccine Institute (CVI) at UW Medicine was established 20 years ago by Dr. Disis, known as the “Mother of Cancer Vaccines,” and is a collaboration of scientists, doctors, nurses, patients and philanthropists all working together to outsmart cancer. Dr. Disis and the team of researchers at the Cancer Vaccine Institute at UW Medicine in Seattle are developing vaccines for breast, colon, ovarian, prostate, pancreatic, sarcoma, lung and bladder cancers.

Find out how your generous gift to the Cancer Vaccine Institute can help us outsmart cancer:

Learn more about the Cancer Vaccine Institute at UW Medicine:

Curious about cancer vaccine clinical trials?

Watch the full conversation with Drs. Disis and Vinayak at:

As the largest academic research group dedicated to the development of cancer vaccines, their goal is to bring the power of precision medicine and cancer immunology out of the lab and into the lives of people to treat, and ultimately prevent, cancer and its recurrence. CVI’s “multi-antigenic” vaccines target multiple proteins that appear in high levels in cancer tissue and are designed to elicit a specific type of immune system response known to be effective at killing cancer cells. These methods are unique to the CVI and set them apart from other cancer vaccine research.

Researchers at the Cancer Vaccine Institute are closer than ever to making cancer a preventable, treatable condition. But they can’t do it without your generous and visionary support:


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