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Where do Trump and Haley stand on health care?

As Michigan voters participate in the 2024 Republican primary, the spotlight falls on the contrasting stances of the leading candidates, former President Donald Trump and former Governor Nikki Haley, on the critical issue of health care.

Donald Trump, whose tenure as president saw fervent attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare, has recently remained relatively reticent on the topic. Despite his initial endeavors to dismantle the ACA, Trump faced significant obstacles in Congress and ultimately failed to overturn the landmark legislation signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Notably, Trump did take action to address the opioid epidemic during his presidency, increasing funding for substance use disorder treatment and declaring it a public health emergency. However, on the campaign trail for the 2024 election, Trump’s focus has shifted towards combating the spread of fentanyl and targeting drug cartels, particularly those operating in Mexico.

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In contrast, Nikki Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina, has steadfastly opposed the Affordable Care Act. During her gubernatorial tenure, she was among the few state leaders who refused to expand Medicaid benefits under the ACA.

On her campaign trail, Haley has pledged to uphold Medicare programs for individuals aged 40 and above while proposing reforms for younger generations. Central to her healthcare platform is a commitment to limit Medicare benefits for wealthier Americans and expand Medicare Advantage, a program facilitated by private companies but reimbursed by the government.

Trump’s relative silence on the issue contrasts with Haley’s firm stance against the Affordable Care Act and her proposals for Medicare reform.

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Jeremy Yurow is a politics reporting fellow based in Hawaii for the USA TODAY Network. You can reach him at or on X @JeremyYurow

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