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Why Salad at Dinner is a Bad Idea: 2 Ayurvedic Reasons! #healthylifestyle #ayurvedaliving #facts

Why You Should Never Eat Salad for Dinner! 🌙
1️⃣ Ayurveda Insight: Raw foods like salad shouldn’t be mixed with cooked meals.
2️⃣ Cold Foods Rule: Cold natured foods, including salads, are best eaten before noon for optimal digestion.
Discover more about Ayurveda’s take on healthy eating habits!

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Disclaimer: I believe in Ayurveda, Yoga & the power of Nature to keep us healthy. I want to see everyone healthy. So, I disseminate my health knowledge via this blog. The content/tips in this video are whatever I’ve learned so far and are my personal views. One can follow the tips as per his own belief, analysis, and decision.


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