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Woman Shares Services She’s Done Tipping For In 2024

Has anyone else experienced that awkward moment when you’re in the Starbucks drive-thru, you order one single cake pop for your kid, and then the employee stares at you while the tipping screen pops up while you’re trying to pay?

There is something so uncomfortable about tipping culture these days, and maybe that’s because it seems like every single service and store is asking for extra cash at check out. Even when they didn’t a few years ago.

One woman has had enough, deeming tipping culture “out of control,” and she’s swearing off tipping for certain services in 2024. While her points seem to make sense, some people completely disagree with her point of view.

In the clip, TikTok user Justice lists off a bunch of places — and even specific companies — that she will not be offering a tip to in 2024.

“This is a list of people I’m not tipping in 2024 and I’m not gonna feel guilty about it,” she begins. “I’m not tipping at the drive-thru. I’m not tipping for fro-yo. I’m not tipping for Auntie Anne’s. Yes, they ask for tips there now, and I’m not tipping on to-go orders.”

The TikToker added, “Anyone who sets their own prices, I will absolutely not be tipping you. The whole point of tipping a service professional is that you’re paying the business like double or triple what the employee is actually making during that service.”

“So if you’re both the business and the servicing employee, why would I pay more on top of that, if you’re going to obtain the full 100% of what I pay? Doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

Another group that made the no-tipping list? Medical professionals.

“If you need a medical qualification or license in order to administer the service to me, I’m not giving you a tip because it’s against the code of ethics to accept tips for these types of procedures,” she explained.

Several users flooded Justice’s comment section with their own opinions on tipping culture with some defending certain services that she will not be tipping.

One user said, “AGREED!! I detest the tipping culture here in the US.”

A second user remarked, “Tipping in America overall is crazyyyy.”

But not everyone was on board.

One user disagreed and wrote, “Pleaseeeeee tip food delivery drivers tho, you’d be surprised how much people don’t and that’s a job where tips are pay.”

Another wrote, “The beauty service one is crazy lol. Yes they are getting 100% but if they are they are most likely paying for color, booth rent, foils, etc.”

“Waitstaff, nail techs, and tattoo artists always get a good tip. anyone else is totally optional to me,” another said.

One user wrote, “Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I actually like tipping people when they’ve done a good job? 😅”

A hair stylist in the comment section highlighted that tips go a long way because prices can often be set by the salon they work at, meaning they don’t get the full amount of the service.

“I think tipping when it comes to services, like nails, lashes, etc is a good thing to do bc it’s complimenting their service and helps keep them in business to buy all the extra things to make it, wow✨,” stated another individual.

According to Real Simple, there are times and places when tipping should always occur, including restaurants, bars, hotels, nail salons, babysitters, and coat checks. The “grey areas” of tipping, according to the outlet, include coffee shops and food delivery services. Of course, tipping amount and occurrence can vary depending on a few factors such as quality of service or tipping policies (such as gratuity added to a bill).

The outlet also notes that medical professionals, teachers, package delivery people, coaches, and employees should not receive any sort of tip. Good to know. And Aunt Annie? She might be on notice in 2024.

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