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YouTube Star Trisha Paytas Welcomes First Daughter

YouTube star, Trisha Paytas, has welcomed her first child, and she chose quite a unique name for her baby. The world of celebrities has changed, and it is not just those in movies and on stage that are considered “famous.” Due to the age of technology, social media influencers have carved their place in the world, and they are considered “stars” now.

This means that they create a fan base, and they post updates about their lives. Some are more controversial than others, and Trisha Paytas has always been known to push the envelope. While Trisha has appeared on some reality and game shows, she is mostly known for her YouTube channel.


She is also known for being a controversial figure and has spoken about many hot-button topics that get people talking. Throughout her years of posting, she had opened up about how she was constantly told she could never have children.

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This means that when she found out she was pregnant with her husband, Moses, she was excited and thrilled, and of course, she shared it with millions of her followers. Her fans have been counting down the days until the baby arrived, and that day has come.

According to CNN, on September 14th, Trisha gave birth to her baby daughter, who was born weighing 8lbs 9oz, and she posted multiple videos to her TikTok account. She also posted the name of her baby girl, and it was definitely a name that not many people have heard before. She announced that her daughter’s name is Malibu Barbie. Many people did not believe that was the actual name, so Trisha also posted a picture showing the official documents registering her daughter’s birth.

As expected, there were a lot of people in the comment section who did not like the name, and who had no problem voicing their opinion. Others thought this was on brand for the influencer, and pointed out that ‘Mali’ was an adorable nickname. Trisha has always shared her life online, some thinking too much, so it is no doubt that she will continue to share her daughter with the world and how she is getting through motherhood. With Trisha’s larger-than-life personality, we think that this little girl is in for a great adventure. Time will tell if her daughter loves her name as much as Trisha does, but what is true is that it is not likely that another Malibu Barbie is there when she starts going to school.

Sources: CNN, TikTok via @trishlikefish88

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