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Zirkonzahn’s new Premolaris production site

A glimpse of Zirkonzahn's new Premolaris production site

Zirkonzahn introduces Premolaris, its production site for the assembly of milling units, scanners and furnaces in-house.

The in-house principle has always guided Zirkonzahn since its first steps in the dental market. This principle is applied to almost the whole range of company’s products, which includes dental materials (such as zirconia, metals and resins), CAD/CAM systems, furnaces, implant prosthetic components, digital diagnostic technologies, tools, and everything necessary to finalise individual dental restorations.

Products are studied, developed, and produced in-house in close collaboration with the company’s research and development team, which constantly works to improve and fine-tune solutions to create a reliable planning and working environment, where hardware, software, tools, and materials form an optimum match in the complete workflow. The full control over the entire production process allows Zirkonzahn to have a complete understanding of their products and to react very quickly to customers’ needs.

The newest milling unit, the M6 Teleskoper Blank Changer, is the company’s answer to the increasing need of more automation as well as greater speed and performances. The machine is provided with full-automatic blank changer function for up to 16 or 80 blanks (upgradable), the Teleskoper Orbit SelfLock with Ø 125 mm and the newly developed performance spindle with permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), permitting a maximum torque of 200 Ncm at speeds of 6.000 to 50.000 rpm with a peak power of 2.5 kW.

M6 Teleskoper Blank Changer, Zirkonzahn latest milling unit, provided with automatic blank changer function for up to 16 or 80 blanks (upgradable), Performance Spindle and the extra-large Teleskoper Orbit SelfLock with Ø 125 mm. 

All its components and machine parts are assembled in-house in Premolaris (2021): the fourth of the five production sites owned by the company, all located within the vicinity of the firm’s headquarters in South Tyrol (Italy).

Premolaris is the place dedicated to the assembly, testing and customisation of all company’s milling units, furnaces, and scanners as well as to the surface treatment of their own-produced implant prosthetic components. Premolaris also hosts the company’s chemistry labs where, for instance, colours and resins are developed or burs are diamond-coated.

In Premolaris, the different parts of the M6 milling unit, eg spindle and orbit, are assembled with all hardware and software components. All parts such as ball screws, linear rails, motors, and milling spindles are tested for precision before they are installed, and the obtained data is recorded and registered. Then, the machine is calibrated and fine-tuned at individual stations according to standardised production processes. Machine assembly is a very complex procedure and employees have to comply with strict checklists, which serve to coordinate the different working steps and ensure safety.

The new milling unit must pass through numerous quality stations before it reaches the final inspection and each employee is responsible for a specific assembly step, becoming an expert in what he or she does. The first milling process is also performed in this location. Only after the execution of the final checks and tests is the equipment ready to leave the production site, moving on to the on-site logistic department. A selection of glass cases, which the clients can choose from to personalise their equipment, is also available.

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